Renowned Colourists

At Citrus, we are well-known for our colour work. All of our stylists work as a team and share their knowledge, experiences and techniques with each other…so you are not only getting the skill and experience of your stylist, but also the wealth of knowledge of the whole colour team. Balayage, ombre, funky colour and colour corrections are our passion, as well as everything in between. And now, with Olaplex, we can push blonde hair to limits we could not reach before. Whether your tastes lean more toward the conservative side or slant on the rebellious side…we can get you there! Come and see why we are the go-to salon for colour in Vancouver! Read More


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Citrus Salon and Extensions Lounge!

Citrus Hair Salon’s second location just around the corner from their current location, at 1042 Hamilton Street, offers a full array of services, with a focus on hair extensions. We offer a more relaxing and “loungy” experience for the comfort of those in the salon for longer periods of time, such as our hair extension clients. Our new second location will offer more privacy and an area where you can relax and enjoy your complimentary meal, included with your extension service….as well as the usual limitless snacks and beverages that we offer to every client. We want to make sure you are as comfortable as possible while you’re here hanging out with us.  See more about hair extensions here! 

Locations & Hours

1036 Mainland Street

Mon-Tues 10-6

Wed 10-7

Thurs-Fri 10-8

Sat 10-6

Sunday 12-5


1042 Hamilton Street


Sun/Mon closed

Wed 10-7

Thurs-Fri 10-8

Sat 10-6

Sunday closed

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