Raana Tavassoli

Raana is a multi-talented hair superstar! Her passion lies in creating the perfect look for each individual client. She loves the instant gratification of hair extensions and is able to blend multi-toned strands of extension hair together to flawlessly imitate the natural tones of her clients’ own hair. This charming lady is also a master colourist and can whip up any colour you desire to match your shiny, new hair extensions. Her clients’ happiness is always her ultimate goal so you can be confident knowing that she cares about your hair as much as you do. Raana specializes in fusion and tape extensions.
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Anya is a very proficient Great Lengths master, as well as being skilled with Tape in and Neo Microbead extensions. With more than 10 years of experience under her belt, she has worked in the film industry, backstage at fashion andwedding shows and at the Leo awards.  Anya will help you decide which method will work best for you, and her skill and attention to detail will ensure that you leave with the hair you’ve always dreamed of.  
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Hair extensions can match your own hair colour precisely, even imitating a rooty look, blending in with your ombre and replicating balayage. All it takes is an expert who is not only able to install the extensions meticulously but also have the eye to colour-match perfectly. What you want is very precise, perfectly-placed extensions which don’t pull the natural hair or cause any damage. Not only can extensions add length and fullness, they can also help control frizzy, curly hair by adding weight to the natural hair to make for easier styling. Our method of cutting the extension pieces in half before installing also helps to hide the extensions toward the front of the hair, where it is usually thinner and more difficult to hide the bonds of the extensions. The result is a seamless blend of  extensions, creating a gorgeous, full-looking head of natural-looking hair.


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Need colour too?

Our extension technicians and color technicians work together to create the perfect colour and perfect match for their extension clients. You can have the convenience of having your colour service and extensions done all at once, and relax knowing that you’re in great hands with professionals working together as a team to give you the hair you’ve always wanted…

Extensions are Not Just for Length

There are many reasons for getting hair extensions besides adding length. They may be added for highlights or lowlights or to add some vibrant, funky colours when you don’t want to go through the colouring process. The cost can be about the same as it would be for getting the colour done, but it’s faster, lasts longer and won’t damage or change your own colour.  If you need length on your sides–for an angled bob perhaps–then add some extensions just to your sides. Need a little more volume? Add just a few scattered throughout.

Great Lengths Hair Extensions

Anya Great Lengths Hair Extensions

Great Lengths are known as the best 100% natural hair extensions…. “the Rolls Royce of hair extensions.” Great Lengths was voted the Favorite Extension Company by stylists at the Stylists Choice Awards. By the company’s own statement it uses only the finest hair; Indian Temple Hair.

The strand-by-strand bonding method used by Great Lengths to apply extensions leave them nearly undetectable and does not damage or strain your natural hair. Here’s the science behind it: the bond between the extension strand and your own hair is composed of polymer chains whose molecular structures are very similar to that of human hair. This tiny, but incredibly strong bond is activated by a thermal applicator, attaching the strands of extensions to your natural hair without harsh glue or harmful knotting. Because the point of attachment is tiny and close to the root, the extensions blend seamlessly into your own hair for a look that is remarkably natural. It can also be easily removed by an expert without damage to your own hair. This patented attachment of Great Lengths to your own hair in no way compromises the quality of your own hair!

Hair extensions are a great option if you have fine, thin hair, are tired of waiting for your hair to grow, or just want a change. You can simply fill the hair in for thickness, or add luscious length…have the hair you always wanted!

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