Instant Gratification

If you’re looking for a beauty pick-me-up, hair extensions can give you a quick confidence boost in the beauty department. Whether you’re looking to add fullness, length or dimension to your current locks, extensions can easily achieve what you’re looking for in one simple salon visit. If you’re growing out a haircut and struggling with an awkward in-between style, extensions will solve all of your concerns and enhance your look. You can even add highlights to your hair with extensions without actually chemically treating your own hair.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe Early Years of Extensions

Forget everything you think you know about hair extensions. For many, this is a very exciting new fashion trend. For some, the name itself elicits negative images of fake-looking, tangled hair and messy glues that make them hard to remove. The early years of hair extensions gave this trend a bad name. The original methods were often painful, hard to clean and also caused hair loss. For years, people thought that extensions will only damage their hair and this negative view is sometimes still associated with original methods. With innovative new technological improvements and better training of technicians, hair extensions are now again enjoying some time in the spotlight. The look and feel of hair extensions has completely changed in recent years because of easier and safer methods of hair lengthening and thickening. There are now various methods–from keratin fusion to tape-in to microbeads and more–and there is a method for every hair type and every need.

Limitless Possibilities

You now have limitless hair design options from hair colour transformations, added new textures and added fullness. Today, hair extensions are known for much more than length. Hair extensions not only add length, but add volume, texture and color.  You can fill in thinner hair to add fullness rather than length. You can add some bright streaks of colour in minutes, without having to colour and damage your own hair. You can correct a bad cut by adding some length while you’re growing it out.  Can’t grow your hair? Add the length you’ve always wanted but could never achieve naturally. You can do a little or a lot, depending on what you want to achieve. You can create the look you want.

streaksBecause of the popularity of extensions, many stylists have jumped on the bandwagon and are offering this service. Without proper training and experience, you can still get a bad job done. The reputation of hair extensions can be tarnished by stylists that don’t know what they are doing so it’s up to you to do your research and get someone that has the proper training, experience and that cares about your hair.

When well matched in color and texture, and professionally applied by a competent extensionist, hair extensions mix in and move naturally with your own hair, making it difficult to tell you are wearing them.

Hair extensions are only good WHEN:

  • The hair extensions are made from good quality hair
  • The service is carried out by a competent, skilled and professional extension technician, not someone without proper training and experience.  And be warned, there are many out there only too willing to take your money!
  • You look after them and follow the care instructions given to you by your stylist

Myth: You have to use special shampoo and conditioner and other styling products.
 Products that contain silicone and sulphate can weaken the bond and may caue extensions to fall out. Great Lenghts offers their own brand of shampoo or conditioner, but many natural brands can work well.

Myth: Getting extensions will damage your natural hair.
If properly applied and maintained extensions can improve hair health, especially during heat styling. “You wouldn’t directly iron a silk shirt, but if you lay a piece of linen or cloth over silk, you can iron through without damaging the more fragile material,” Robert said. Extensions use this same principle by absorbing the majority of heat needed when styling hair; your real hair will hold the style without absorbing all of the damage.

Myth: You can’t brush your hair.
 It is actually encouraged that you brush your hair daily.

Although you can’t use a regularly bristled hairbrush or comb, there is a specific type of bHair extensions after photobuy grey bridesmaid dressesrush that used soft plastic loops instead of bristles which will comb your hair without pulling at the bonds.

Myth: The extension removal process always damages your hair.
Fact: Another common misconception, started probably because a long time ago they had to be cut out, leaving stubbles of hair. Today’s high-quality hair bonds crystallize and dissolve easily with a specially formulated removal lotion, which allows for safe and painless removal. Also, many stylists don’t use proper removal techniques and end up being too rough when removing the extensions, or they don’t use the right removal lotion. The technician needs to use adequate gentleness and care when removing the bonds. If you have taken care of your extensions, a properly trained and conscientious extension technician will know how to remove the bonds carefully without damaging your hair.

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Hair Extension Cost, Prices

The decision to get hair extensions represents a substantial financial commitment, depending on how many extensions, what type and method, etc.  Pricing is usually based on several factors; the quality of the salon, technician’s experience, quality of their products, the geographic location and the length of hair. Volume is based on each client’s personal requirements. The total cost will inevitably vary depending upon the desired result. Adding hair extensions for length usually costs between $1200 to $2200 for individually bonded hair, depending on the length and number of extensions needed. For tape-in the cost for a full head with length may be around $500-$900 on average. See also: Hair Extension Types and Prices

Hair Extension Maintenance

To maintain your hair extensions, proper home care is essential. Following your technician’s instructions will ensure long lasting beauty and a natural look and feel between salon visits. After the extensions have been attached it is important to follow up with a maintenance consultation.  Use only products recommended by your extension specialist. Be gentle with your new tresses and follow the care guidelines, such as:

  • Do not excessively scrub your hair.
  • Avoid tangles by drying your hair thoroughly before going to bed and comb with a wide tooth comb or pick, gently from ends to the scalp. Brush the extensions daily to prevent it from tangling, which causes pulling.
  • Never color, perm or use any other types of chemicals without consulting with your professional salon hair extension specialist to prevent damage to your extensions.
  • As extensions are real human hair, use common sense when caring for them as you would your natural hair, like immediately washing out chlorine water and following up with a good conditioner.

Taking special care of your new hair will ensure longevity and beauty. Make sure to get a detailed maintenance program from your extension technician.

Choosing a Hair Extension Specialist

Extensionists should be licensed stylists. Since there are many methods of applying hair extensions (and many types of hair extensions) it’s to your advantage to find a professional who has experience in several different methods, and not just one.  Also, the extensionist should be able to show you certificates received from classes taken for each different method. Ask for a portfolio and see if you can’t chat with a few clients who have extensions of the type and method recommended to you. How many people should he or she have done extensions on before being considered experienced enough to be able to perform this service? Experts say a good answer is somewhere near thirty at minimum. A really experienced extension technician will have hundreds under their belt.

Some Pointers:

  • Speak to 2 or 3 professionals about your specific needs and concerns and get a written estimate of what they would do and how much it would cost. It's always wise to get more than one opinion before committing to something that will represent a substantial investment of time and money.

  • A professional should know how much it will be and how much hair you need before your appointment. You don't want any surprises, so get a guarantee of the estimate.

  • Check out your extension technician's credentials. Ask where he/she trained and get confirmation of that. Any good technician will have done a certified course of some sort, and the salon should be approved by a credible organization or company supplying the hair.

  • Find out where the hair comes from. Not all hair is created equal. Bad quality hair can appear to be good quality since it is coated with products that make it look healthy and shiny. A few washes will reveal how good or bad the quality is. Bad extension hair will matt very shortly after installation because the cuticle of the hair strands have not been preserved.

  • Make sure you follow the care instructions EXACTLY. This is very important in order to be able to guarantee that your extensions will look good for the entire time they are in your hair and to prevent any damage to your own hair. Make sure you get written instructions because you likely will not remember everything.

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