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A New Way

Let's break up your payments!

Times have changed - so have we. We’re working towards helping ensure our amazing clients can still take advantage of their favourite services, feel beautiful, and not have the stress of paying the bill in full, all at once.

As we all know, the past year has been quite challenging.

One of the factors that has helped us feel a bit more at ease is routine - whether that’s our regular walks, nail appointments, hair touch ups, local coffee shop stops, and so on.

We recognize that some of the routine things we do also come with a price tag, which can be difficult to digest all at once and can prevent us from doing our normal personal care practices. That’s why we’re rolling out a payment plan for our amazing clients - we know that some of you may feel the same as us in needing your regular routines, your hair care touch ups, and your salon visits to maintain that sense of normalcy.

We also recognize the correlation between feeling confident, sexy, and fresh on the outside and how that makes us feel internally. So let's work together in ensuring you still receive the same treatment, WITHOUT the stress of a large bill to pay!


Here's how our new payment plan works:

Clients have the option of splitting up payments - we’ll determine your plan length based on the amount owed and our payment periods run between two to six months!

Clients will pay an initial downpayment at time of service or purchase, then put the remainder onto automatic monthly payments on their credit card.

For purchases of $500 or less put down minimum is $100 and for purchases of over $500, put down minimum is 25% of your total purchase.

Is this something that sounds appealing to you? Take a look at our services here and book in with us!

(Please note the Payment Provider charges 3.4% interest on the remaining payment balance, plus .15 cents for each payment).


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