Our Colour Team

At Citrus, we are well-known for our hair colour services. Our strong team works together to continue to learn and advance in the field of colouring to give our clients the best results possible. We have a mix of talents, with every one of our team gifted in the field of colour, and all of them proficient in every colour method: highlights, all over colour, balayage, bright, funky tones…whatever your desire. 

Kim Twohig

Kim is one of the most caring, conscientious colourists we have seen. Her consultations are thorough, and her colours are masterful. She has a wide range of skills, with fabulous ombre, highlighting and balayage techniques under her belt. Whether you want to go dark or light, you will be assured that Kim is not happy unless you’re happy.

Nicole Stevens

When it comes to colour, Nicole has no fear! This colour cameleon can knock your socks off with a vibrant blue hue then chill out, relax and create perfect, natural highlights. When you think she’s reached the extent of her talents, just wait ….there’s more! No challenge is too great, and no colour is too outrageous for this fun, friendly gal. She is a guaranteed energy booster.

Jeremy Macdonald

This laid-back guy is fantastic with feminine, soft looks ranging from luscious, warm caramel tones to “I’ve been on a beach holiday” blonde highlights. Need some fashion advice? Jeremy is also up on all the latest trends. His easy-going manner and skillful touch will make you confident that you’re going to walk out looking like you belong in a Victoria’s Secret catalogue.

Heather Ross

Heather is a master-of-all-trades with hair colour. She is good at everything she does….from dark, luscious shades of brown to gorgeously blended balayage and ombre styles to funky, bright hues of fun colour. Colour corrections? She is a master. She has a deep understanding of everything colour, and also teaches her methods to the junior staff. This gal’s colour brush is her best friend!

Amanda Shire

Amanda is a master at everything blonde! She has the passion and desire to learn about every new technique and trend in colouring and the result is the creation of a well-rounded, amazingly knowledgeable and talented colourist. Her repertoire includes platinum full colour, balayage, sun-kissed highlights, caramel tones, and anything blonde-related! Oh..and she’s a blonde.

Gabrielle Guimond

Gabrielle Guimond at Citrus Hair Salon Vancouver

This perky gal tackles every colour with excitement and determination. She loves the challenge of colour corrections,  the boldness of blonde tones, the softness of subtle highlights and the richness of dark tones. She approaches every colour with a willingness to listen and really understand what it is you want to achieve.