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Not just a salon

An Inclusive Space.

We think of our space as one of inclusivity, diversity, acceptance, and connection. Our doors are open to everyone, we welcome LGBTQ+, minorities, and don’t think that what you believe in or the colour of your skin should be any factor to your experience.

An open environment is what makes the whole experience what it is - hair is much more than something of vanity - it’s an expression, and a very personal experience with your stylist. We think that stylists should have compassion, patience, understanding, and insight to deal with guests in their chair. Our stylists are here to build a connection with you, and to help you achieve your hair goals - because for most of us, our hair is a major expression of who we are. It’s scary sometimes walking into a salon and putting your trust into someone else's hands.

Don’t you feel that much more comfortable knowing you’re going to a stylist that cares about you as an individual as well as your hair goals? It’s truly not just the hair that makes people feel better when they leave the’s how we make them feel about themselves, how we treat them, listening, being attentive, caring, and nurturing. We also strive to continue learning and growing as a salon.

Our stylists are comfortable with doing afro hair but our goal is to train the entire salon so we can all have the necessary skills. Something you may not know is that training (should we specify here what kind of training) is not done in our hair schools currently and it’s therefore the salon’s responsibility to do the training.

We are putting the responsibility on ourselves to further educate our team and to serve you better, we are always growing. It’s important to learn from one another and to celebrate the beauty in every client that walks in. Surpassing hair, we are also firm believers in body positivity.

As a team of women, we understand the difficulties that come with body shaming, and not feeling accepted because you don’t look a specific way. What’s important to remember is that you ARE beautiful, regardless of your weight, height, gender, skin tone, ethnicity, or anything else.

If you’re thinking of visiting a salon soon that will accept you with open arms and celebrate you, visit us at Citrus. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our salon, team, or services.

We’re here, for YOU.


875 Cambie Street